Monday, December 29, 2003

I must tell you about this excellent author I have recently discovered. Her name is Barbara Erskine. If you dare stepping into Erskine's world, you will find that every hair standing in the back of your neck only prove her writing and story telling capabalities. I recommend "Lady of Hay" and "On the Edge of Darkness". I have read the two but I am planning to go through every single book by this author.

As you will find, the first book "Lady of Hay" explores the theme of regression to past lives. Jo Clifford, a journalist, agrees to be hypnotised with the purpose of debunking hypnotherapy and regression to past lives. But things don't go quite as planned when she "meets" Matilda, a woman who has lived centuries before her. Jo also learns that she is in fact very susceptible to hypnosis and she seems to be harmed physically everytime Matilda is hurt...

As for "On the Edge of the Darkness" it evolves around time travelling. Unknowingly, Adam finds a passage through the ages. There he meets Brid, then a young girl, who he likes to play with...Brid is brave and playful but also resentful and in love with Adam. A beautiful story set in the mountains of Scotland that will warm hearts and send shivers down your spine all at once.

Note: "Lady of Hay" has re-awakened my interest in regression hypnosis and I shall research the matter and post the results here, including my own experience of regression. First appointment booked for Saturday (discussion only, no regression as yet! ;))

Music recommendations: Robbie Williams "Escapology" is worth every penny. Yet, I'd say his DVD "Live at Knebworth", which I intend to buy, is even better. The man is an entertainer and despite my total dislike for him during "Take That" (and for Take That in general), Robbie has earned every bit of respect he achieved. The way he communicates with a crowd of thousands is a treat!

Until next time.

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